Unearthing Your Roots Has Never Been More Exciting

We invite you to take a journey through the centuries. Black Tie has hand-picked the most professional and knowledgeable Genealogists, with a passion for history, to guide you through your very own Heritage Journey. This fully bespoke experience connects you with highly qualified, expert Researchers who seek to bring your history to life.

Trace your lineage and unveil the stories that lie beyond the dates, names and locations. Learn about how your ancestor’s lived, worked and played while exploring the conditions and world events that shaped their existence. Through the examination of historical documents, publications and records, your ancestry becomes illuminated with emotional connections that you would otherwise never establish.

And this is only the beginning of your Journey.

Upon the conclusion of your Genealogist’s research, Black Tie will partner with you to curate the ultimate travel experience based on your discoveries. Your itinerary will give you the chance to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors by visiting the towns where they lived, exploring the battlefields where they fought, and stepping inside the sanctuaries where they worshiped. With the help of the most appropriate, knowledgeable guides and historians you can travel back in time and become closely acquainted with the people who helped make you who you are today.

Where will your Journey take you? Contact us today to learn more about all that is included in the experience.

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