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      Edinburgh is pure theatre, with its spires and battlements, crags and classical columns; it really is no wonder that its dramatic medieval and elegant Georgian architecture have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      The Lowlands are defined as the region south of the Highland Boundary Fault, the lovely chunk of Scotland which lies to the outside of Edinburgh and Glasgow – spreading from the Lothians and Scottish Borders to the south east, Inverclyde and Ayrshire & Arran to the west, and Dumfries & Galloway to the south west.

      The Highlands really is the Scotland of your imagination. Think big skies, mind-blowing landscapes, superb food and hospitable people – and you’ve got the Scottish Highlands. There’s a natural playground which begs to be explored, while the region’s turbulent history has left behind some of the most beautiful and romantic castles in the world.

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