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      Saxony – this sophisticated region is famous for its cultural and historical sights, its picturesque landscapes and traditional craftsmanship as well as the modern history of manufacturing. Visit the metropolises of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz but don’t forget the beautiful towns like Meißen, Görlitz and Pirna. In the holiday regions, you can combine city trips with active, family and spa holidays. Also, the typical cuisine and proverbial hospitality are reasons for spending your holidays in Saxony.

      If you are looking for the ultimate German hospitality experience head to the holiday destination Lower Saxony where you will find everything you might need. Explore Lower Saxony on a tailor-made tour and discover some great destinations such as Hannover’s historic old town. For an outdoor adventure visit the Harz Mountains National Park and the treetop walks at Bad Harzburg or for a completely different kind of adventure, the North Sea coast and East Frisia is ideal for a stroll on tidal flats. Known as the Wadden Sea National Park and an UNESCO protected World Heritage site the tidal flats and wetlands are teeming with birds and wildlife.

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