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      The vastness of the landscape is dotted with cork oaks and olive trees that withstand time. Santarém is a natural viewpoint over the immensity of the Tagus. Here and there, you find a walled town, such as Marvão or Monsaraz, or an ancient dolmen to recall the magic of the place. Around the hills, low, whitewashed houses stand on small knolls, castles evoke battles and conquests and the yards and gardens are witness to the Arab influences which shaped the people and nature. This is the Alentejo.

      In Algarve, there’s no shortage of high quality beaches. Sandy stretches as far as the eye can see, framed by golden cliffs, virtually deserted islands and small coves sheltered by the rocks. The ocean, in every shade of blue and mostly calm and warm, invites you for long swims and to indulge in water sports. And there are also the mountains, where people live in harmony with nature and maintain traditions that they love to share. And the cities, Silves preserves traces of its Arab past and Lagos from the time of the Discoveries. There are so many experiences not to be missed on a visit to the region.

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