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      Cologne is more than just a city – it is a matter of the heart, an emotion and positive state of mind. At the root of this outlook are carnival, kölsch beer and, of course, Cologne Cathedral. To experience Cologne’s unique exuberance, drop in to one of the traditional and welcoming bars in the area around Alter Markt and Heumarkt square or the large brewery taverns scattered throughout the old quarter. Kölsch – the city’s signature beer – never stops flowing and every type has its own distinctive flavour – and, of course, its own brewery. Something guaranteed to surpass expectations, is the city’s museum scene, particularly the magnificent Ludwig Museum which features works by Picasso, Warhol and Lichtenstein.

      Everything’s close together in Düsseldorf and is the only major German city that still has the word “dorf“ (village) in its name – although it has long since become a global village. And that’s entirely in tune with the tolerant and cosmopolitan way of life that is cultivated everywhere in the city. Take a seat in one of the famous brewery inns or sit for a while on the steps of the Rheintreppe (Rhine Terrace Steps) and you’ll feel completely at home in Düsseldorf. You’ll quickly discover that people love to chat which gives you the immediate sense of belonging.

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