Black Tie Travel For Your Business

We work with clients to establish travel services with their customers. We can operate within your brand to deliver a unique and sought after service, all personalised to the needs and dreams of what matters most.

Establishing an emotional connection with your clients is the key to brand differentiation and increased profitability. Today, it is increasingly difficult to establish this connection due to:

  • HIGH Research and marketing costs with no clear ROI
  • RAISED Expectations for how clients want to be treated, engaged with & rewarded
  • CHANGING Traditional client targeting approaches
  • INCREASING Competition for the high net worth market

Loyalty no longer depends on what you give to your clients but the value you can establish in a meaningful connection. A Black Tie membership establishes this connection for your business by providing unprecedented service, a commitment to personalization and deep global expertise in the one thing that people value above all else – time. Establishing emotional value through promoting a balanced and experience rich enhances your business by:

  • Providing a powerful mechanism to connect emotionally with your clients;
  • Creating a differentiated service model for your brand based on values people care deeply about;
  • Building a community of interest for your clients;
  • Adding value to your brand relationship with a strong method of brand engagement;

Let their leisure time be the inspiration for their next investment.

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