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      Wairarapa Vineyards

      Privately guided wine tour of the Wairarapa area vineyards, while being educated on sustainable growing of the grapes along with tastings.

      Wairarapa on Horseback

      With over 2500 acres to explore, horse trekking is the perfect way to experience the Wairarapa region. With no experience necessary, enjoy tranquil riverside treks or get the adrenaline pumping with an airstrip gallop. If you’re keen to experience farm life further, you can even stay overnight in a glamping hut.

      Maori Culture

      You will visit a rural settlement and talk with a Maori who can provide spiritual insight into their culture and clearly demonstrate what make these indigenous people so special.

      Glacier Heli-Hike

      Franz Josef Glacier is 12km long and fed by a massive 20 square km snowfield at the top of the Southern Alps. First witness the majestic ice formations with a view from your helicopter. Once landed your heli-hike guide will lead you through some stunning ice formations.